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      Team — Skate

      McCauley Hoover

      McCauley Hoover

      McCauley is 8 years old, and she is going in to 3rd grade. 
      She has been skateboarding for a year.
      Besides skateboarding, McCauley enjoys taking Brazilian jujitsu at Gustavo Machado. 
      She also loves to surf and fish with her dad in her free time. 
      Her favorite color is camouflage and blue.
      In her spare time loves to hang out with friends and make Tic-Toc videos.
      Follow McCauley at IG @micker_mac

      Asher Jetty Craft

      Asher Jetty Craft

      Asher Jetty Craft is 9 years old and is from Virginia Beach, VA

      Asher not only loves school, he is an Honor Roll student.

      Asher lives to shred. He surfs and skates daily. He has been surfing competitively for the past 4 years.

      Awards: 1st place in the 2018 Gnarly Charley contest.  1st place in the East Coast Grom Tour Championships in Buxtyon, NC.

      Asher had been skating here and there, it was in October 2019 that skateboarding took over as his number one passion.  Buxton Skate Park got him hooked. "It was a weekend I will remember forever."

      Asher has been featured in Northender Magazine & Eastern Surf Magazine.

      His favorites winter trip is to Puerto Rico where he surfed  Wilderness, Jobos & Middles surf breaks and he also skated Punta Las Marias Skate Park and Aguadilla Skate Park.

      His favorite place to skate hands down is Marias Surfers Beach Park - Puerto Rico. When he's not there you can find him skating  at the Coastal Edge skate park or the Buxton NC skate park.

      He's headed to Woodward Skate Camp this summer and look forward to what’s yet to come. Dream big or go home!

      Instagram: @asherjetty_vbgrom


      Desmond Collins

      Desmond Collins

      Desmond Collins was born and raised in Virginia Beach.

      He is 14 years old and has been skating for 7 years.

      He likes to ride street and rides a size 8.25 board.

      Follow Desmond on IG @dez.jr23  



      JB2 started surfing with tummy time in Willoughby Spit on the bay before he could walk. He developed a love for the water at a very young age and surfed his first Competition at 2 years old in the ECSC.

      He currently surfs the PAU-10 division in the @Eastcoastgromtour and at just 6 years young has consecutively secured a spot on the podium.

      He is currently ranked #3 on the east coast. He also surfs for the Eastern Surfing Association ranked #2 in PAU-10 and is excited to push himself to the next level!

      Although JB2 just picked up Skate boarding to cross train, his skills have gotten him a lot of attention and produced many sponsorship opportunities for this young Grom.

      JB2 is currently on both the Coastal Edge surf team and the Coastal Edge skate team as a member of the Grom Squad, he is sponsored by and models for Coastal Edge & and has additional sponsorships with The Swell Motel in Buxton NC and Randy Templin Tattoos!

      It doesn't stop there!!! JB2 is in the gifted program at Cooke Elementary and is an honor roll student who won the "Citizenship Award"!!

      This Groms never ending Stoke fuels him to succeed in everything he puts his mind too!

      Something personal to JB2 is his family, he surfs in dedication to his Big Sister who has Autism and is visually impaired.  He is the best big brother to his 2 younger bro's Skylr and Jagger and he credits his success to his parents Jacob and Blair for pushing him, supporting him and exposing him to opportunities! 

      Follow on IG @jb2supergrom

      Alexander Garneau

      Alexander Garneau

      Zander Garneau is a 13 year old Virginia Beach native.

      He enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and running. He skates very, transition and some street. Zander has skated in VA, MD , PA and NC. His dream is to go to California to skate. He built his own ramp and one for a friend.

      Zander has gone to Woodward skate camp the last 2 summers. He also went to Charm city skate camp and was a counselor for Coastal Edge skate camp.

      Zander enjoys teaching people to skate. He is sponsored by Coastal Edge and Tribe Skates.

      Zander aspires to be an engineer when he is older.

      Follow Zander on Instagram @alexander_skate24