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      Waves and Words

      The 59th annual Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships: Day 2

      The 59th annual Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships: Day 2

      The sun is shining, sky is clear and the surf is up.  Day 2 of the Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championships is in the books.  

      The day kicked off with Men's Open Shortboard, and the event was off and running.  Congratulations to all of our winners!

      • Grand Masters Shortboard 40-49: Marc Bullard
      • Men's Open Shortboard all ages: Blayr Barton
      • Men's Masters Shortboard 30-39: Wyatt Jeffers
      • Grand Legends Shortboard 60 & up: Joe Hanley
      • Women's Open Shortboard all ages: Sunshine Barton
      • Men's Open Longboard all ages: Gavin Idone
      • Legends Longboard 40-59: Marc Bullard
      • Grand Legends Longboard 60 & up: Bobby Holland
      • Wahine Open Longboard all ages: Sunshine Barton
      • Open Women SUP all ages: Camden Hoover
      • Open Men SUP all ages: Josh Holland
      • Open Bodyboard all ages (co-ed): Greg Spencer
      • Legends Shortboard 50-59: Greg Emminizer

      *photos courtesy of Robbie Hickman photography



      The 2021 Wes Laine Super Grom presented Coastal Edge featuring Quiksilver and Roxy

      The 2021 Wes Laine Super Grom presented Coastal Edge featuring Quiksilver and Roxy

      It was a beautiful day in Virginia Beach and the 59th annual Coastal Edge East Coast Surfing Championship kicked off with our favorite event, the Wes Laine Super Grom featuring Quiksilver and Roxy.  

      The Super Grom contestants are all under the age of 10.  They are accompanied in the water by a parent or adult, who pushed them into the waves.  For many of the Groms, this is their first time getting up on a surfboard.  Being able to see the happiness on these Groms faces is what makes this event so special.

      Learning to surf and get up on the board teaches these little surfers how to be confident and go for what they want.  

      We want to thank our sponsors, Quiksilver and Roxy.  Thank you for bringing the stoke and helping to make it an epic day for our Coastal Edge Family and Groms!

      Congratulations to all of our winners!!


      The Inaugural Coastal Edge Shoot the Pier Surf Contest 2021

      The Inaugural Coastal Edge Shoot the Pier Surf Contest 2021

      Surfing has been a favorite past time for generations of Virginia Beach locals.  Daily dawn patrols and surf reports are a priority to find that perfect spot.  Up until 1985, surfers enjoyed the natural break at the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier.  Then it was closed for surfing and became a fishing only location.

      36 years later Coastal Edge brought back being able to Shoot the Pier!

      Mother nature showed off her support for the event with a beautiful rainbow that extended from the pier to the jetty.  Blessing all of our surfers the very best luck for the competition.

      The weather was perfect, bright and sunny.  The crowd was ready for some fun and it was amazing to be able to see everyone's smiling faces again.  

      From first time in the water Groms to our Legends, everyone showed off their amazing talent.

      We are so thankful for our city allowing us to have this event.  A special thanks to the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier for allowing the surfers to have their day to Shoot the Pier!  Thank you to all of the families and spectators that came out to cheer on their favorite competitor. 

      We love our city, we love our community and we are all Ohana!

      Congratulations to all of our Coastal Edge Shoot the Pier winners:

      Pro Shortboard
      1st Bo Raynor
      2nd Phillip Goold
      3rd Wes Laine Jr
      4th Cose Styanoff
      5th Jeff Meyers
      6th JB2

      Pro Longboard
      1st Carter Baum
      2nd Camden Hoover
      3rd Wes Laine Jr
      4th Emery Gaurin
      5th Steven Bowen
      6th Story Martinez



      Open Shortboard
      1st Cose Stoyanoff
      2nd Wes Laine Jr
      3rd Dane Costa
      4th Rachael Wilson
      5th John Quillen
      6th Michael Brooks

      Open Longboard
      1st Dorian Costa
      2nd Carter Baum
      3rd Nicholas Pierce
      4th Pay Cunningham
      5th Story Martinez
      6th Steven Bowen

      Open Bodyboard
      1st Jonathan Wynne
      2nd Rustin Wiggleton
      3rd Samuel Pitts
      4th JB2

      Jr Men Shortboard
      1st Carter Baum
      2nd Cose Stoyanoff
      3rd Dane Costa
      4th Zach Starr
      5th Asher Craft
      6th Braden Hodgson

      Jr Men Longboard
      1st Carter Baum
      2nd Dorian Costa
      3rd Nicholas Pierce
      4th Braden Hodgson
      5th Zach Starr

      Menehune Shortboard
      1st Dane Costa
      2nd Reed Vaughn
      3rd Asher Craft
      4th Gray McGhee
      5th Story Martinez
      6th Saydee Stiles

      Menehune Longboard
      1st Story Martinez
      2nd Asher Craft
      3rd Tripp Boyce
      4th Reid Chickey
      5th Connor Bernard


      Girls Shortboard
      1st Camden Hoover
      2nd Story Martinez

      Girls Longboard
      1st Story Martinez

      Womens Shortboard
      1st Kate Stiles
      2nd Sarah Chandler
      3rd Laurie Coyne

      Womens Longboard
      1st Emery Gaurin
      2nd Sarah Chandler
      3rd Merly Vegonio

      Womens SUP
      1st Nancy Salter

      1st John Quillin
      2nd Pat Cunningham
      3rd John Klein
      4th John Evans

      Grand Masters
      1st Richard Stiles
      2nd Michael Brooks
      3rd Tom Demille
      4th Pat Cunningham

      1st Jimmy Dalfy
      2nd Robert Bayer


       *photos courtesy of Robbie Hickman Photography*


      Style, Comfort and the Perfect Gift for Mom

      Style, Comfort and the Perfect Gift for Mom

      It’s sunny and warm and your closet is screaming for the perfect sandals and flip flops for your wardrobe. During the sunny spring days and the warm summer nights, nothing completes an outfit quite like a pair of Havaianas.

      Whether you are a shorts and tee, or a little black dress kind of girl, Havaianas has your feet covered with style. With over a hundred different designs and color options, you have a choice for every mood and outfit change.

      With a price point that is affordable and a product that is well made and comfortable, you can’t help but stock up on them. Created in 1962 to resemble the Japanese sandal known as a zori, Havaianas are made with a rubber sole, straps that don’t come loose and a fit that doesn’t lose shape.

      When you slide your tan toes into a unique pair of Havaianas you can feel confident that you are wearing the “original sandal”!  Yep, in 1966 Havaianas patented the rubber flip flop. Nothing like merging authenticity with style.

      With Mother's Day coming up, these are the perfect gift for that special lady in your life.  You can even match your Mini-Me.

      So slide on the maxi dress, pull on those denim shorts, rock that bikini and always make sure you add on your own personal touch of flare with a pair of Havaianas this season.