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      Waves and Words — Style

      Style, Comfort and the Perfect Gift for Mom

      Style, Comfort and the Perfect Gift for Mom

      It’s sunny and warm and your closet is screaming for the perfect sandals and flip flops for your wardrobe. During the sunny spring days and the warm summer nights, nothing completes an outfit quite like a pair of Havaianas.

      Whether you are a shorts and tee, or a little black dress kind of girl, Havaianas has your feet covered with style. With over a hundred different designs and color options, you have a choice for every mood and outfit change.

      With a price point that is affordable and a product that is well made and comfortable, you can’t help but stock up on them. Created in 1962 to resemble the Japanese sandal known as a zori, Havaianas are made with a rubber sole, straps that don’t come loose and a fit that doesn’t lose shape.

      When you slide your tan toes into a unique pair of Havaianas you can feel confident that you are wearing the “original sandal”!  Yep, in 1966 Havaianas patented the rubber flip flop. Nothing like merging authenticity with style.

      With Mother's Day coming up, these are the perfect gift for that special lady in your life.  You can even match your Mini-Me.

      So slide on the maxi dress, pull on those denim shorts, rock that bikini and always make sure you add on your own personal touch of flare with a pair of Havaianas this season.